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Burstner Elegance (UV1327)

This is an excellent example of an A class motorhome with a large rear washroom
49,000 Miles 01/2009

Timberland Endeavour (UV1320)

This is a lovely example, finished in silver with a manual six speed gearbox.

56,000 Miles 08/2006

Adria Coral (UV1325)

This one owner vehicle is a 3.0 litre automatic with 2 fixed, larger than normal sized beds.

32,500 Miles 03/2012

Autocruise Alto (UV1324)

A one owner motorhome which is a compact panel van with the luxury of a fixed bed and loads of storage.

7,600 Miles 02/2016

IH 630RL (UV1511)

This one owner vehicle is a credit to its previous owner. Finished in lime stripe upholstery with silver furniture and fully equipped.

10,500 Miles 09/2015

Adria Sonic (UV1318) [SOLD]

This motorhome ia a superb example of a luxury A Class. It is just 2 years old, fully equipped and automatic.

14,000 Miles 09/2015

Autocruise Stardream (UV1309)

This well presented pre-owned Stardream is a gem. It is fully specced including a satelite dish, solar panel, towbar, bike rack and safari room.

23,898 Miles 01/2010

IH Oregon R (UV1304)

This is an excellent example of our popular front lounge van conversion.

26,600 Miles 01/2008

IH Oregon R (UV1313)

This is another example of our ever popular front lounge.

34,700 Miles 06/2007

Autotrail Imala 620 (UV1306) [SOLD]

This is a superb example of a late model family motorhome.

1,600 Miles 10/2016

IH Oregon RL (UV1300) [SOLD]

This is another example of a pre-owned IH Oregon RL based on the ever popular FIAT 3.

14,500 Miles 03/2012

Autocruise Forte (UV1294) [SOLD]


5,900 Miles 09/2015

Hobby Toskana 650 (UV1295)

This luxury 2 berth motorhome is a gem.

28,300 Miles 05/2010

IH TIO RL (UV1301)

This is a super example of a pre-owned IH motorhome.

37,986 Miles 09/2009

Timberland Endeavour (UV1282) [SOLD]

A well cared for motorhome.

30,000 Miles 04/2008

Rapido Randonneur (UV1265) [SOLD]

3 berth one owner motorhome.

52,500 Miles 09/2007

Frankia I840BD (UV1600) [SOLD]


34,000 Miles 07/2007

Adria Supreme Sonic 710 SBC (UV1303) [SOLD]


7,300 Miles 02/2016

Autocruise Starburst (UV1277)


32,000 Miles 09/2009

IH 600RL (UV1264) [SOLD]


30,901 Miles 12/2013