We've been working hard at creating space. It’s true. Look through our web site and you’ll find evidence of some simply amazing work that’s been done to improve what are already regarded as absolute premium quality panel van conversions.
For 2014, things are looking both better and bigger than ever – literally. Perhaps the most significant feature of IH Motorhomes in the past 10 years has been the original signature rear panel – a fitting that completely transforms the back end of the vehicle, yet offers so much more in sheer practicality as well as style.
Well, the space-creating concept has been increased for 2014 with two major innovations. First, a new side door development that replaces the standard sliding door with a more compact caravan style entranceway. And second, a totally bespoke new slide-out section, for the front lounge model. Our signature rear panel has been upgraded to provide better access to the boot area. These design innovations have created a whole new class of motorhome.
These are absolute firsts as far as motorhome conversions are concerned. They’re ideas we’ve been working on for over two years now. Not only the design, but making sure every aspect of them was right before putting them into the market.
And, of course, the overall build quality and luxury, along with the renowned customer service for which IH is famous, have all been fully retained. Surely you wouldn't expect any different from a company with our pedigree?
What do we mean by quality? Professionally produced motorhomes using the most meticulous of designs and best possible materials for the job. Quite simply, we don’t skimp on creating a luxury product.
Don’t just take our word for it. There’s a thriving IH Owners’ Club, members of which will happily tell you all about their love of their vehicles. Plus, we’re fortunate enough to have picked up more than our fair share of prestigious, independently judged awards since IH Motorhomes was founded, over 20 years ago.
We’ve also taken time to develop and enhance our whole portfolio for the season ahead. Quite simply, now, you can buy a panel van conversion. Or you can invest in an IH...

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